15 Year Anthology

The club is having a 15th-year anniversary celebration in the autumn.  As part of that event, we are contemplating compiling a 15th-year Anniversary Anthology.  The anthology would consist of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry works written by present and past club members.  We want this anthology to be truly representative of our chapter.  To distinguish this from the Virginia Writers Club Journal and Golden Nib contest, the anthology would accept fiction and nonfiction works up to 6000 words and poetry works up to 120 lines.  Each member would be eligible to submit one entry per category, except poetry submissions can consist of 1-3 poems with no more than 120 lines total.  Reprints are welcome, provided the author retains the necessary publication rights and advises the submission coordinator that the work is a reprint and where it was originally published.  The anthology will be professionally edited, but the submission coordinator (VP Jason Maddux) has final say on the acceptance of all works for publication.  Each contributor will receive a print or ebook edition of the anthology.

If you would like to contribute a work or works to the anthology, please email VP Jason Maddux at vp@northernvirginiawriters.org no later than May 20.  A submission deadline has not been set yet but is expected to be sometime over the summer to allow for editing and formatting prior to the 15th year anniversary celebration this autumn.  However, the club needs an idea of the number and size of the submissions to plan for the publication.