Join us at 1pm on Saturday, April 23rd for Scott Ellis’s talk on audiobooks: Every Fourth Reader is Listening – Getting Your Book Into Their Ears. This meeting will be hybrid format -Zoom and location meeting details will be sent to members and subscribers. A message from Scott and links to helpful websites follow.

I am Scott Ellis, an award-winning audiobook narrator and producer. I have narrated over 60 audiobooks and coached several authors through the production of their first audiobook, including Northern Virginia Writers Club’s own Paula Weiss with The Antifan Girlfriend. I’ve also assisted authors in deciding to narrate their own projects and facilitated the process. Being a retired teacher, I love to teach and have an online classroom where I instruct people who would like to become narrators and voice actors in everything they need to know to be successful. My wife and I started our official audiobook production business in 2019 although I have been narrating since 2016 and she’s been producing alongside me since 2017. We now have a team of 18 people that work in narrating, editing, marketing and a managing our business with us.

I am looking forward to being with you this month to walk through the entire process of audiobook production: from searching for the right narrator, understanding the lingo used in the industry and answering all your questions except, Why is the sky blue and What is the meaning of life?

I spend my non-narrating time playing golf, kayaking and fishing and hope that one day I might actually be good at one of them!
Please join me!