On May 20th, Ralph Peluso will speak with us about Tips and Techniques for a Successful Interview. This meeting will be hybrid. Physical address and Zoom link are sent to members through the newsletter, and reminder.

Ralph Peluso is retired and lives in Bridgeville, Delaware, with his wife, Janet. After a 45-year career in corporate finance, Ralph had his first novel published, 512, a historical fiction about the life and mythical career of Babe Ruth. His second novel is scheduled for release this summer, a psychological drama titled, “Back Stories”. Since October,2014, he has served as the literary editor for the Zebra Press in Alexandria, Virginia; as hosts “Reading, Writing and Ralph”, a Z-TV production. Ralph has become very active in community theater. His stage experience includes roles in Fame, Bermuda Avenue Triangle, Trial of Ebeneezer Scrooge, The Odd Couple and The Gin Game. Born and raised in New York City, Ralph is an avid Yankee fan. He holds advanced degrees from Hunter College and Bernard Baruch. He remains very active, taking on Mt. Everest in 2019.