VP Jason E. Maddux will be publishing his anthology of short stories, LIVE in our next meeting. If you’ve ever wanted to see the process for self-publishing on KDP, you won’t want to miss this. Any leftover time will be spent as a NaNoWriMo Write-in, so bring something to write with!

Science fiction tropes—you know them and you love them.  They are the building blocks of sci fi stories, both past and present, and this collection of 14 short stories has them all.  Dive in as a xenoanthropologist is stranded on a world with two alien races.  Join a generation ship, soon to be populated with clones, on its journey to a new world.  Learn how humanity may react to an alien invasion—and the resulting paperwork—and follow one family as they contend with time travel, bio-nanites, and the implications of an unnaturally long life.