Michelle McBeth


Michelle McBeth started writing fiction during the 2012 Nanowrimo contest, on a dare. She has published three books from her series “The Sphere Saga” and is working on completing the final book while also accumulating multiple other works in progress. She has a smattering of short stories and is thrilled that one was chosen to be published in the centennial anthology for the Virginia Writer’s Group.

Michelle lives in Alexandria, VA with her family where she spends her days working as an engineer for the Navy, and her nights engaging the other half of her brain as an author, actor, and creator. More information about Michelle and links to her works can be found on her website, You can also follow her occasional posts on Twitter.

Jason Maddux

Vice President & Membership Coordinator

Jason E. Maddux is an aviation attorney, who uses writing speculative fiction and children’s stories as a creative outlet each night once his two daughters are in bed. His work has appeared in Spaceports & Spidersilk, Broadswords and Blasters, Stinkwaves Magazine, and various other publications. After spending his youth moving around the southeastern United States, he now resides in Arlington, Virginia. More information about Jason and links to his stories can be found at his website, You can follow him on Twitter @Jason_E_Maddux.

A.J. George


In a former life AJ was a CPA, and according to the Virginia Board of Accountancy, he still is. As for writing, AJ has one completed novel ready for publication/self-publication. The novel was reviewed by a three-time published author and professional journalist, who referred to it as “an impressive piece of work.” Everything else is a work in process.

Darius Jones


Darius Jones’s stories have appeared in Scarlet Leaf Review, Strangelet Journal, Fiction Vortex, and other places. He lives in Virginia and can usually be found at a local café writing his next piece.

Learn more at or on Twitter or Instagram.

Nate Hoffelder


Nate has been helping people fix broken tech since 2010. He builds and repairs WordPress sites, and acts as a virtual IT department for authors. He also blogs about the Kindle and indie publishing. His site, The Digital Reader, has been mentioned on news sites such as the New York Times and Forbes.

Nate is the president of the Riverside Writers Club, and belongs to other clubs as well. When he’s not volunteering, he spends his time working on projects such as The Speaker Bureau, Book Fair Website, and Author Website in a Box.