Social Media Guidelines

Twitter Handles:

Virginia Writers, VaWritersClub, VirginiaWClub (search/redirect)


To provide updated club information, networking, discussions, and enjoyable engagement on this social media platform in a safe environment.


  • Content will be directly involved with the interests of the club and not become off-topic threads. In accordance with the Virginia Writers Club Code of Ethics, “The VWC cultivates an atmosphere of mutual respect for individuals and organizations within the Club and with those external to the organization.”
  • The club will not tolerate spam (unrelated ads/promotional links), harassment, inflammatory, obscene, prejudice, or other concerning posts and reserves the right to remove comments, responses, and block users as we see fit.
  • Avoid repetitive posts and user tag abuse (do not @ tag others if not necessary).
  • Protect privacy and confidentiality.
  • Respect Copyright laws.
  • Avoid controversial issue arguments that could reflect on our non-profit organization or member volunteers.
  • Avoid statements of position made in favor of or in opposition to any candidate for public office.
  • Notify club leadership about any misrepresentations, defamatory comments, or improper accusations so it can be dealt with and removed quickly.
  • Club members should use caution with posts that may represent the group.
  • Encourage fun, quality posts (use spell check, consider design, keep consistent messaging and hashtags).
  • Violations of guidelines will be subject to leadership review and potential removal of access to social media and club communications.


  • News and releases linked to the club websites
  • Calendar of events monthly posts (may be pre-programmed)
  • Call for speakers for symposium. Consider event theme, branding, speaker types.
  • Call for submissions for the journal
  • Contest information and winners
  • Symposium details including promos for keynote and speakers
  • Information or news from chapters
  • Sharing other writing resources that have tips, calls for submissions, etc.
  • Speaker Bureau (in general, or even highlighting different member speakers)
  • Following members on Twitter and retweeting if included on hashtag or handle
  • Asking membership for input and accolades for recently published in magazines, journals or a book published or self-published.
  • Interactive membership questions and comments specific to Virginia Writers

References:  Code of Ethics


Social Media Examiner’s Networking Club reference; Nonprofit Marketing Guide