VWC Journals

Beginning in 2021, the Northern Virginia Writers Club’s parent organization, the Virginia Writers Club (VWC), will celebrate the talent of its members through an additional annual publications or literary journal. The journal is a benefit of membership. It provides members an opportunity to share their writing and design talents with fellow members of the VWC.

Submitting: Submissions are accepted from any member of the VWC community. The editors will collect submissions and ask local chapters to review for style concerns, and to be informed. Please include a cover page with title, chapter (or note “Unaffiliated” (without a chapter), and contact information on all submissions. Submissions are due May 15th.

Format guidelines: Please see the guidelines as stated by the journal committee: https://www.virginiawritersclub.org/VWC-Journal-Guidelines

Compensation: The VWC does not provide compensation for works appearing in these journals. Instead, the journals provide members with an audience for their work. The journals will include reference to books published by contributors.